Otto Roach Portfolio

Otto Roach


Otto Roach was a prolific photographer. His professional work, spanning from 1920 to 1962, numbers thousands of images consisting of landscapes, cityscapes, industrial prints, business advertising, aerial photographs, portraits, airplanes, trains, cars, nudes and civic events. Roach's darkroom printing techniques and photo-mechanics perfectly complemented Roach's vast image collection.

Born in Poland on January 17, 1891 and raised in Canada, Roach would move to Detroit, Michigan in 1911 at the age of twenty. Having acquired a mechanical background while working as a machinist, Roach also pursued his new found ambition of photography. Combining these two trades, Roach would eventually earn a living in photo-mechanics and commercial photography in the upper mid-west, specifically South Bend, Indiana and Gary, Indiana. However, Roach would start to look to the grand vistas of the West for new business opportunities and inspirations.

Roach moved to Denver, Colorado in 1932 at the age of forty-one and acquired a quarter interest in the ailing Denver Commercial Photo Company. In Short order, that company went bankrupt and Roach started his own business venture. Some of his clients consisted of KOA radio, the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad, the Colorado Department of Tourism, Climax Mine, Ford Motor Company, Denver Fire Clay, General Iron and Steel, Fred Mueller Saddle Company, Miller Stockman, United Airlines, Carpenter Paper Company, and a host of other businesses. Also, Roach captured the landscapes of Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.

Otto Roach's passion for the great outdoors, airplanes of all types, trains, cars and photo mechanics is evident in his dedicated and remarkable photography. After selling that business in 1948, Otto mostly pursued landscape photography up until a few years before his death on March 2, 1965. However, the legacy of Otto Roach would continue with Dennis "Dutch" Walla.